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Suit Up (feat. Southpaw Swagger) [Single]

by Blue Stahli

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Choose your allegiance of good vs. evil and "Suit Up" in this high-octane cyberpunk collaboration between hip-hop's Southpaw Swagger with electronic-rock artist/producer Blue Stahli.


released October 6, 2017


all rights reserved


Track Name: Suit Up (feat. Southpaw Swagger)
I’m a tailor made razor blade, out of the cloth as a gladiator with gatorade on 808’s
Say your grace, I’m like Johny Mnemonics the body highly robotic, shooting microscopic laser rays
Beta phase, oh you ain’t know, we rebooted Southpaw 2.0
Don’t be stupid run when you got the chance cause this time bag ain’t watts and amps

Don’t hesitate, I’ll decimate, in ain’t nothing to push a button and detonate
Spit fire and trip wire you get blew up, let’s go, suit up

My genetic is cybernetic, kinetic energy got my enemies inside a crevasse,
Literally, find a medic or die in seconds, pop pop more shots than a diabetic
Pathetic, lay on the ground, saying a sound will get an AK to your crown
Does it look like I’m playing around, spraying a round, around where they stay I’m laying them down
It’s like that, fight back, and end up begging for your like jack
So run while you got the chance cause this time bang ain’t watts and amps

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